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New Brand


LuckyVitamin Case Study

“The LuckyVitamin Story” represents a culminating achievement for the company’s new brand identity journey.


LuckyVitamin (GNC e-commerce retailer), faced several challenges. Their old brand felt outdated, impersonal, and struggled to stand out among competitors offering similar value propositions: price, service, and selection.

I led the effort to develop a new brand (design, voice, principles) that connected with customers on an emotional level.

Customer Research

We surveyed 1137 participants on shopping and healthy living, revealing key insights. Here are our findings.

Lucky’s ideal customer is a female “health purist,” distinct from the “gym bro” targeted by our GNC parent company. Our qualitative study with 37 participants across three days highlighted that healthy living is a personal, passionate journey, often intertwined with emotionally charged challenges.

Our customer had a sense of continuous discovery, and she never felt she had too much information. We determined LuckyVitamin should become a source of inspirational knowledge in addition to selling products.

Exploring a New Logo

We pursued numerous directions. Below are mood boards I created to help us decide on a logo and brand style that felt true to our newly established core values: Conscious. Welcoming. Genuine. Fun.

The New Brand Identity

Displayed below are examples of the new LuckyVitamin brand highlighted across various applications. During my tenure, the company achieved remarkable growth, with business expanding 40%, driven by the rebrand, innovative marketing, private label growth, and mobile-first user experience.

Positioning Statement

“For those leading active, healthful lives, LuckyVitamin is the inspirational and supportive source for products and knowledge dedicated to helping everyone on their journey towards happy wellness.”