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UX/UI Case Studies


E-commerce retailer, LuckyVitamin, faced the challenge of managing two outdated websites—one for desktop and one for mobile (mDot). Urgently needed was a unified, responsive site built on a single code base. With increasing traffic transitioning to mobile devices, there was a critical risk of losing valuable SEO rankings, as Google began prioritizing mobile-friendly content in its search results.

The old mobile website was overwhelming, with stripped-down content that adversely impacted the retailer’s SEO rankings.

The old desktop website was cluttered and unresponsive. This made for poor UX on larger monitors and tablet devices.

The Solution

I spearheaded a comprehensive e-commerce website redesign, prioritizing a mobile-first approach. The outcome not only maintained LuckyVitamin’s strong SEO standing but also generated a remarkable 40% increase in revenue, driven by new features like AutoShip, QuickReorder, LV+ Membership, and enhanced Wellness Circle Rewards.

The Process

We conducted a thorough analysis of each page to identify points of friction or confusion, examining user interactions, click patterns, and areas of drop-off and abandonment. Utilizing low-fidelity MVP wireframes, we swiftly iterated on solutions to address these issues. Below, you’ll find the wireframes we developed specifically during the redesign process of MyAccount.

MyAccount | Low Fidelity Wireframes

Expanded Order Details & Tracking

From UX to UI

Following the wireframing stage, we developed component libraries to create high-fidelity prototypes. These prototypes underwent rigorous user testing to refine and validate our designs further.

Wellness Circle Rewards

UX/UI Case Study

The Problem

The rewards program presented a confusing and frustrating user experience. The point system was hard to understand, and even harder to redeem. Upon reaching a designated point threshold, users received a promo code via email, which expired quickly and unfortunately couldn’t be combined with other promotions.

The Solution

I comprehensively overhauled the rewards program, revamping everything from branding to the redemption and application process. Below are some key enhancements.

Wellness Circle Rewards

New Branding, Tiers, & Messaging

“Spreading the wellness has never been more rewarding.”

“Obsessed with your health? You’re in luck. As a Wellness Insider, you'll enjoy free 2-day shipping and earn 1 Wellness Point for every $1 you spend. You can cash in your Wellness Points to redeem exclusive Wellness Rewards like first access to new products, free samples, or even a trip to the spa. And during exclusive Happy Wellness Days, you'll have a chance to earn up to 4X Wellness Pointsan added bonus that could help boost your Wellness Status to unlock even more rewards.”

Rewards Landing (signed out user)

This page introduces the loyalty program, having the primary message to sign up or sign in. This is followed by featured rewards, tier benefits, and other ways to earn points.

Dashboard (signed in user)

An existing guest is presented a dashboard with relevant bank points, status, and marketing messaging around points.

Your Benefits


All Ways to Earn Points


Your Activity

This page provides guests the ability to see their dashboard of bank points against their current status within the loyalty program. All recent activity keeps track of earned points.

Rewards Transformation

Wellness Circle Rewards was significantly transformed under my leadership. From streamlined branding to a more user-friendly redemption process, the program now offered a greatly enhanced experience for our customers.